100% Women Owned

DMB Construction is a 100% Woman Owned Business. Federal, state and local governments have all implemented programming where agencies require up to 30% of contracts be awarded to Minority and Women owned business as these firms are substantially underrepresented. These requirements are found in both public and private sectors and especially in construction related contracts including highway infrastructure, transit and building rehabilitation – all of which are specialties of DMB Construction. Having the ability to self-perform in our areas of expertise and certification puts us ahead of the competition.


We realize word of mouth due to client satisfaction is the best advertising you could ask for. A company puts their own reputation on the line when they make a recommendation. When you can exceed someone’s expectations and receive an exceptional recommendation this spreads very quickly. As such, we realize the need to go above and beyond to satisfy the needs of both the general contractors and agencies we are performing work for.


We work as a team. Realizing everyone plays a role of equal importance builds trust amongst staff and allows strengths to grown. This mentality is then conveyed outside of the company where communication with field personnel and agencies is critical to the well being and progress of our projects.


We recognize that every project has different challenges and every client has different needs and are able to adjust accordingly while maintaining the integrity of our work.

Our Recent Work

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Our Mission

To provide the best service and finished product in the most expeditious way possible at the highest quality.

Completing Our Mission

This is accomplished through our experienced staff that are eager to assist clients in every phase of a project.  Due to these un-compromised business ethics, DMB Construction prides itself by the long term and consistent business relationships established within the industry.

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